Unturned II 开发日志 #038使用权限和Unturned II的模型进行更新。











  • 转换保存格式从UCS 2到UTF-8。
  • 如果查看器具有权限,则在描述中显示项欺骗昵称。
  • 修正了跳过初始大气材料的更新。
  • 修正了极端纬度的阿尔法黄昏。
  • 修正了当长时间死亡的树木变得相关时的死亡效果。
  • 固定加载水平状态之前,水平流完成。



原文: update with permissions and converted models from Unturned.

Prop Conversion

The foundation of a pipeline for automatically exporting assets from Unturned and subsequently importing them into Unturned II has been assembled. For now about 500 props have been converted, and a few thrown together on a haphazard test map.

The converted prop map should be useful for working on survival and core game features, as opposed to the spawn killing on the sandbox map. Once plans are eventually finalized for destruction mechanics work will resume on actual Unturned II props and maps.

In the future I predict there will be interest to play the original Unturned maps in Unturned II, so these tools will be useful for converting official maps like Russia as well as workshop maps.

Admin Permissions

In the previous update anyone could use the time commands. To prevent that a basic role system has been added. Players are associated with multiple roles, including a default role, and these control which permissions are available.

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What's Next?

There will be an Unturned update next Friday to catch up on a few miscellaneous issues. Then back to Unturned II with a flashlight and pistol to wrap up the dual-wielding features, ideally an engine update, and an AI enemy for the test maps.

Change Log

  • Converted savegame formats from UCS2 to UTF-8.
  • Show item cheat nickname in description if viewer has permissions.
  • Fixed skipping initial atmosphere material update.
  • Fixed twilight alpha at extreme latitudes.
  • Fixed playing death effects when long-dead trees became relevant.
  • Fixed loading level state before level streaming finished.

Note that the level streaming change fixes duplicate trees on the sandbox map, but any existing saves from before the fix will still have duplicate trees saved inside each other.